The melting of the Huaytapallana glaciers concerns the scientists


contamination and the overflowing of the lagoons have accelerated the melting
of the glacier causing concern among the scientists.
Back 10
years ago this mountain was covered with snow, now most of the snow has melted,
there are no flowers and no birds fly over the lagoon.
The mountain
is hurt and not in vain, studies by the Consejo
Nacional del Ambiente (Conam) show that the in 10 years more than 5 million
square meters have disappeared from the glaciers, since the 90’s the earths atmosphere
has increased by 2 centigrade.
Hernan Lopez Cabrera said that the
experts will present the supreme court and the congress a file that will ask
for the Huaytapallana to be a natural reserve area, so that tourists don’t trash
the surrounding area of the lagoon situated at the feet of the mountain and so
the surrounding provinces of the mountain do not use the lagoons waters for irrigation.
Lopez Cabrera stated that if the glaciers continue to melt
the mountain will be left with no snow and that could cause an ecological
imbalance which could affect the valley
of Mantaro.
Another specialist stated that through satellite images they
have noticed that all the glaciers of the mountains of Peru
have deceases in large amounts.