Peru’s Cineplanet chain grows: more new branches in Chile and LatAm

Isabel Guerra

Cineplanet, a local movie theaters chain run by three Peruvians, is –according to reports– currently consolidating its presence in Chile, and and is reportedly studying investments in another Latin American countries.

Nexus Group, the company, was founded in 1998 by three young graduates from Wharton University, who came back to their country to study the local market and find a niche to work on.

They acquired Cineplex, a company that at that time had only three movie theater complexes in Lima, and made it grow, building more theathers and investing in other Peru’s regions, such as Arequipa, Piura, La Libertad and Lambayeque.

Cineplanet, which introduced in Peru the Digital Movie 3D technology, has by now almost 4 years operating in Chile, under the brand name of Movieland, with movie theaters in Santiago, Valdivia and Temuco.

Movieland (Cineplanet’s Chilean branch) will open this year its Costanera Center movie theater complex, which will reportedly have 10 theaters with panoramic floating screens and digital sound.

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