Peru: Baby born weighing 470 gr is now 3 months old and was discharged from hospital

Isabel Guerra

A baby who was born very prematurely (at 23rd week of pregnancy), weighing only 470 grams (almost 17 ounces), and measuring 25cm., was discharged from hospital and sent home today.

Little Berselia Milagros de los Angeles was born on April 20th at the Hospital Docente de Trujillo (La Libertad region), Peru, and since she was so small the doctors told Paola Chavarry, her mother, that she might not survive.

However, against all odds, the baby made it, and she weighs now 1.45kg, and is 45cm long.

The doctor and nurses who took care of her are still surprised and impressed: “she sure is a fighter. She will grow up like any other girl,” said one of the doctors.

The local businessman Carlos Jose Chuman, who is also the father of two premature babies, has provided financial help to little Berselia and her mother, and he has also created a foundation called “Foundation for the premature children of Peru”.

Berselia will be christened on September 16th, in Guadalupe, her hometown.

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