Peru: 86.3 pct of Lima taxi drivers have paid bribes to avoid traffic fines

Isabel Guerra

According to a survey conducted by the University of Lima Public Opinion Group, 95% of the taxi drivers in this city have got a traffic ticket sometime, at least once.

But not only this: 86.3% of the drivers who participated in this survey admits that the police officers requested them to pay a bribe to avoid getting a traffic ticket, a fact that not only reveals the high level of corruption but also shows that police officers actually allow bad drivers to circulate in order to get money from them.

However, this survey also reveals the failures and irresponsibility of the drivers; they either drive for too many hours or use cars that are not in 100% good conditions.

Reportedly, only 13.47% of the drivers works during 8 hours or less. A 26% works 9 to 10 hours; 32%, between 11 and 12 hours, and a 28.7% works more than 12 hours a day, which causes extreme exhaustion and makes them prone to cause traffic accidents.

Joaquín Rosas, Presidente of the National Federation of Taxis (Fentac), explains that they can’t afford new vehicles nor expensive maintenance, and that the costs of gas (or of renting the vehicle) force the drivers to extend their daily work in order to cover their expenses.

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