Mintzer Group to invest $100 million to finance homes for low income families in Peru


Mintzer Group, representing several US investment companies, plans to invest 100 million dollars this year to build 20,000 homes for low income people living in Peru, improving their quality of life.

According to the Head Consultant of Mintzer Group, Roger Huamán, houses will be built in Ica, Cajamarca and Amazonas as soon as the regional governments sign the agreement with this company.

"At least 12.000 houses will be built in Ica, 6.000 in Cajamarca and 2.000 in Amazonas," he said to Andina news agency.

He noted that according to the agreement specifications, the company is responsible for a certain percentage of the financing as well as for the construction projects, the regional governments will also assume part of the financing.

"However, this is still being negotiated by the parties and anything can happen," he stated. According to the Executive Director of the company, Judy Mintzer, the group’s investment in Peru was driven by the positive macroeconomic environment, which really grabs investors’ attention.

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