Peru: XIII Film Festival of Lima homaged veteran actor Carlos Gassols

Isabel Guerra

The XIII Film Festival of Lima started yesterday, with a great opening ceremony with the presence of some of the most notorious actors and directors from the Latin American movie scene, who gathered at Santa Ursula Auditorium.

The festival will feature more than 1000 films, retrospectives of some filmmakers, seminars, workshops and conferences, from August 7th until August 15th.

The ceremony included a special homage to the outstanding Peruvian actor Carlos Gassols, who was awarded with the “Spondylus” prize (which was handed in by Francisco Lombardi) due to his 75 years of career.

“I am so thrilled,” he said, “you all are applauding like I was a rock star, but I’m just a humble actor. I thank the public and the press for all the coverage I’ve been given these days,” Gassols said.

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