Tickets for Charly Garcia’s concert in Peru on sale since today

Isabel Guerra

Charly Garcia, the famous Argentinian rocker, confirmed that he will perform  in Lima, and today the tickets officially went on sale.

As the date (September 23rd) for the long awaited return of one of the most important interpreters in Latin America gets closer, the expectations grow among his Peruvian fans.

Peru will be the first country to see Charly Garcia’s show this time, since then concert in Lima opens the tour.

Garcia comes this time accompanied by Fabián “Zorrito” Von Quintiero, “Negro” García López and Hilda Lizarazu, as well as other musicians.

Tickets are on sale at Tu Entrada, in Plaza Vea and Vivanda, and the prices range from S/. 51 soles to S/. 297 soles.

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