Peru: Enanitos Verdes to perform in Lima soon

Isabel Guerra

The Argentinian’s band Enanitos Verdes will perform along with Peru’s groups Los Nosequien y los Nosecuantos and Adammo on August 28th, at the 2009 Lima Music Festival.

Enanitos Verdes, one of the most popular Latin rock bands, has memorable songs such as El Extraño de Pelo Largo, Lamento Boliviano and La Muralla Verde.

Likewise, Los Nosequien y los Nosecuantos has many years on the musical scene and has some widely known hits such as Las Torres, Los Patos y las Patas, among others.

Breakthrough band Adammo represents the new generation of musical groups, with great support from young fans.

This event will be held at Plaza Norte shopping center, and tickets are already available at Teleticket.

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