Double suicide in Puente Piedra.


Percy Contreras Gutierrez (20) and Eli Aquirre Vidal (22)
sadly took their lives with rat poison yesterday, the
mother of the young man found them at 10.00 a.m.
together in his house situated behind their house, they were found half
naked and with white foam in their mouths, next to the bed was a bottle with
the poison. A note left by the lovers said “We want to be buried together,
please. Sorry” was found next to the corpses that produced dramatic scenes of
pain by both parents when moved by the police to be transferred to the morgue
of Lima.
The police are investigating the cause of this double
suicide but neighbors say that the parents of Eli Aquirre opposed to the
relationship that had started some months before, the young woman was about to
graduate after studying to become a nurse.
An incident happened when the father of Eli announced to the
press that he thought his daughter had been murdered, this produced uproar from
the family of Percy who had to be stopped from attacking the father of Eli.

Both families are waiting for the police to pronounce them
dead so they can be laid to rest, together. A tragic reenactment of Romeo and Juliet.