Canada lifts phytosanitary barriers to Peru’s strawberries

Isabel Guerra

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) completed the Pest Risk Assessment for Peruvian fresh strawberries, and according to the results, decided to lift phytosanitary barriers to this product, Peru’s National Service of Agrarian Health (Senasa) reported Tuesday.

"This is the result of a concerted effort between the public and private sectors," said Jorge Barrenechea, Senasa’s General Director of Plant Health.

According to Barrenechea, CFIA has proposed a two-year trial period to provide  a permanent certification for Peruvian fresh strawberries.

"As a part of the provisional phytosanitary requirements, the Canadian importers must obtain a permit to import this product," he explained to Andina news agency.

A Senasa phytosanitary certificate will be needed for each shipment to Canada in a bid to confirm it is free of debris (leaves, plants) and free of contamination from quarantine pests.

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