Humala receives back up from Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales


The mandatorio of Venezuela Hugo Chavez and the President of Bolivia Evo Morales were both in Place of Miraflores , when suddenly they started talking enthusiastically about the Peruvian Presidential candidate Ollanta Humala.
“I want to take advantage of this opportunity and salute the presence of a Peruvian soldier who many years ago conducted what one could call a quijotada, a Quixote” said Chavez.
A very emotional Ollanta Humala accompanied by his wife Nadine Heredia , observed from the first row and stood when Chavez asked him, he thanked the applauses and sat down.
Chavez added that the general Velasco Alvarado who was the head of the government in Peru from 1968 to 1975, “had dreams: Peru, towns, armies, revolutions, unity. The union of the military, of the soldiers, the popular social organizations and the Inca Plan”
“Now with Evo Morales and Ollanta Humala we see indigenous resurgence of these years” added Chavez, he added that Ollanta Humala “is part of the movement, of the rebellion of the Peruvian “pueblo”. I wish him success and luck in the coming elections of this year”.
“We have many hopes that for not only Peru,but also that Bolivia, will follow the triumphs of the “izquierdista” movements, the hour has come for the towns, it’s the millennium for the pueblos”, signaled Morales.