Bolivia announces international lawsuit against Peru on the “Devil’s Dance” costume

Isabel Guerra

Now that Karen Schwarz, the current Miss Peru Universe, used an outfit inspired in the “Devils’ Dance” costume as a Peruvian typical dress during the gala held by the beauty contest in Bahamas, the Bolivian Culture Ministry Pablo Groux, informed that Bolivia “will oppose to the Peruvian’s representative participation in the contest.”

But that’s not all; Groux also said that his government is planning to file a lawsuit in international courts, such as The Hague, the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) and the World Organization of Intellectual Property.

Among some more reasons, he stressed that “La Diablada (Devil’s Dance) has been already registered by Bolivia as a part of the Oruro’s Carnival cultural heritage,” adding that the legal process will be started by the Bolivian authorities currently stationed in Peru.

Meanwhile, some Bolivian groups have posted in Youtube videos of Miss Bolivia Universo 1990, Rosario Rico Toro, wearing the Devils’ Dance costume.

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