Loggers’ camp inside uncontacted tribes’ reserve in Peru

Isabel Guerra

According to a press release issued by the international NGO Survival, new aerial photos published today in their website reveal the presence of illegal loggers  inside an Amazonian reserve set aside (in Peru) for uncontacted indian tribes.

Despite the government’s claims that there are not loggers in the area, the photos clearly show  a loggers’ camp inside the Murunahua Reserve in Peru, created to protect uncontacted Murunahua Indians.

“Illegal logging in protected areas is a serious threat to the indigenous people who live in the region. Not only these uncontacted people extremely vulnerable to diseases, but there’s also a long history of violent conflict between them and loggers,’ said Chris Fagan, a conservationist from the US-based organisation Round River Conservation Studies, who took the photos.

Reportedly, there are another three camps like this inside the Reserve, and Survival is asking the Peruvian government to take inmediate action against this.

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