Peru: Another strong tremor alarmed the Limenians

Isabel Guerra

An strong tremor of approximately 4.0 magnitude in the Richter scale hit Lima this night, at 3:12AM, reported the Geophysic Institute of Peru (IGP).

According to IGP’s official reports, the epicenter was located 26km to the Southwest of Lima, in a district called Mala (Cañete province, in Lima region), with a depht of 52km.

Despite the alarm amongst the Limenians, no personal injuries nor  material damages have been reported yet.

Due to its location in the Circum Pacific Belt of Fire, also known as “ring of fire,”, Lima is a city very prone to be hit by earthquakes of different magnitudes.

The last destructive earthquake that hit Lima took place on October 3rd, 1974, with a magnitude of 8, and with its epicenter located in the Pacific Ocean, at only 80km to the Southwest of Lima.

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