Peru: a woman was arrested while trying to rescue her pet

Isabel Guerra

A 33 year old woman was arrested in Lima because she entered illegally into a hospital in order to rescue her pet.

Carmen Valverde had been alerted by email that at her pet “Tomás” (who was stolen days ago) was being kept in the Loayza Hospital, along with other animals, in order to be used in experimental surgery.

Valverde, disguised as a doctor, eventually found eight dogs inside the aforementioned hospital (including her pet Tomás) anesthetized and being prepared to undergo surgery.

Valverde went into a state of shock, provoking an scandal while trying to rescue her pet.

In return, the medical crew accused her of stealing several microscopes, an accusation that was proven false, so the police released her.

Valverde explained that she had to disguise because the security guards did not allow her the entrance to the hospital.

The hospital employees said that they "buy the dogs to a dog pound" and they would return her the dog on Saturday, provided she could prove the dog actually belongs to her, which is a hard task since most districts in Peru don’t have any registry of pets.

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