Peru: Loayza Hospital dismisses accusation of performing experiments on animals

Isabel Guerra

The National Hospital “Arzobispo Loayza” issued an statement this afternoon dismissing and rejecting the recent accusations of performing experiments on animals since the mentioned health facility “is dedicated to the care of the patients.”

The statement indicates says that the events denounced yesterday by Carmen Velarde (the pet owner who had to enter ilegally into the hospital to rescue her dog) “took place in a building that, despite being located in the hospital’s area, is actually occupied and managed by the National University of San Marcos, so it is completely separated from the hospital itself.”

Thus, the Loayza Hospital ruled out any responsibility on the facts that might take place in those mentioned areas.

The police declined making any comments, while Carmen Velarde declared to Radio Capital that her dog “Tomás” was stolen last Friday while she was walking her pet.

“After a few days, a friend of mine who works in the Loayza Hospital told me that my dog was there,” she said.

This case has brought up public debate on animal experimentation and illegal traffic of animals, since many Peruvians think that pets are stolen by organized bands to be sold to laboratories, veterinarian schools, circus, etc.

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