Peru: Exhibition “Handmade for hotels” to open next week

Isabel Guerra

The handicrafts exhibition “Hecho a mano para hoteles” (Handmade for hotels), intended to showcase the best among the best in this area, is to be held between August 27th and 28th, at the Casa Berrocal (Barranco district) according to Madeleine Burns, the the National Director of Handicrafts.

The event is organized by Peru’s Hotel Society (SHP) and the Peruvian Exporters’ Association (Adex), and will unique designs that are not common in the world.

“This is the first time we organize a “Hecho a mano para hoteles”. We will see the level of reception, in order to increase the volume of the exhibition in future events,” said Burns.

Tibisay Monsalve, General Manager of SHP, informed that many Peruvian companies will take place in this exhibition, such as Allpa SAC,  R. Berrocal SAC, Raymisa S.A., Mertrade SAC,  Isabel Rejtman, Full Art Perú,  Jallpanina S. A., Vigady SAC, Wayra, Plumas, Kunckel SRL y Arte & Artesanías Colla SAC, Proart SRL, Gabel 950, y Acacia Peruana.

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