Peru: Dog rescued from experiments by her owner recovering satisfactorily

Isabel Guerra

“Tomás,” the little dog that was rescued by her owner from being used in experiments conducted by medicine students (from San Marcos University), is now recovering satisfactorily at home.

Carmen Valverde, the owner, who was arrested for entering illegally into the Loayza Hospital to rescue Tomás, was eventually set free and got the little dog back

However, the pet still shows signs of stress and fear after the experience he’s been through.

“Look at him. He has these marks, he was shaved because the medicine students were going use him for surgery experiments,” Valverde said while being interviewed by local TV.

Several pet owners rushed to San Marcos University with hopes of finding their lost pets, but they were told that the animals were no longer there.

According to CPN Radio, the Loayza Hospital and San Marcos University decided to suspend these experiments with animals, due to the demonstrations that pet owners are still having at these institutions’ doors.

In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office has started an investigation to determine under which circumstances Tomás and many other dogs were taken to these facilities.

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