Peruvian table grapes rising skyward


Peruvian table grape shipments are projected to increase by as much as 20 per cent this season, up from 39,119 tonnes in 2008/09, as new orchards continue to enter into production in the north of the country, across the newly developed early growing region of Piura.

“The harvest is expected to begin by the second fortnight of October with supplies concentrated between the months of November and January,” Manuel Alcaíno, chairman of Chile-based fruit analysis and services provider Decofrut, told

“The growth in volume is likely to correspond to a greater production of the Red Globe variety,” he added.

Quality-wise, Decofrut claims favourable weather conditions during the South American winter have precipitated a good quality crop to date, since minimum temperatures have scored above average levels.

Peru’s grape exports have increased by an impressive 74 per cent over the last three seasons, reaching a total of 39,119 tonnes in 2008/09, according to figures from Decofrut. Typically, 90 per cent of the crop is shipped overseas.

Last season, Europe (and Russia) received over 15,000 tonnes, Decofrut said, accounting for 38.5 per cent of total shipments, while Asia absorbed 12,145 tonnes or 31 per cent of exports. The US and Latin America accounted for 21.7 per cent and 7.6 per cent respectively (or 8,502 and 2,960 tonnes).

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