Peru establishes videoconference with International Space Station

Isabel Guerra

The National University of Engineering (UNI) will conduct today a historic event in Peru: they will establish a direct videoconference between the students and three astronauts currently on duty at the International Space Station.

This event will take place as part of the academic activities organized for the “Second International Conference of Small Satellites,” held at the UNI campus on August 20th and 21st , in coordination with the University of Kurks (Russia).

The videoconference is scheduled at 13:31 GMT, today and tomorrow.

The astronauts who will talk with the UNI students and the conference attendees are; Gennady Ivanovich Padalka (Russia), Michael Reed Barrat (USA) and Koichi Wakata (Japan).

The online broadcasting will not be available in real time, but according to the UNI press release, it will be posted afterwards in the TV-UNI blog. However, the UNI encourages public in general to adress their questions to the astronauts through TV-UNI blog.

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