A school without teachers but with many desires to come out ahead.


The Polytechnic Educational Center in Mazamari, which is located in the province of Satipo has finally been constructed thanks to donations from Holland, Germany, Canada and Spain

This village works like a bilingual-intercultural educational center, where ashaninkas, nomatshiguengas (tribes) and children with Spanish heritage live respecting each other and without discrimination. The village does not receive any support from the Ministry of Education, who even denied giving them teachers.

The nuns have made a big effort to feed the children and to pay the teachers that they have hired with their own money. Despite the lack of support from the Peruvian Government, the nuns are now trying to start up a technological institute, so that the orphans do not leave with only a high school degree, but also with a profession or technical skills that can give them opportunities to work when they grow up.