Peruvian investments invade Chile

Isabel Guerra

The Peruvian Group Brescia bought the biggest cement company in Chile, former Cemento Melón, and paid a total of US $555 million dollars to the French company, making slowly their way into Chile.

The Brescia Group has also investments worth US $650 million dollars in the Chilean company Sigdo Koppers, in order to develop a petrochemical project in Peru.

But the Brescia group is not alone in this Peruvian "financial invasion" to Chile;  another Peruvian entrepreneurs are following its way, such as the Romero Group and Gastón Acurio, the cheff.

Romero has a participation in the Arica’s port and in the BCI Bank, while Acurio owns several elite restaurants; Astrid y Gastón, La Mar and T’anta.

Perú is the third most important destinations of Chilean direct investments, and by last June it represented US $ 7.2 billion dollars.

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