Humala: ?Bolivarian Nationalist Party?


The congressman for the Union por el Peru (UPP (Peruvian
Union)), Michael Martinez revealed yesterday that his party might change their
name to “ Bolivarian Nationalist Party of Peru”, if its accepted this Saturday during
the extraordinary congress meeting, “The name isn’t bad, it sounds nice.
Remember that the robe doesn’t make the priest”, commented Martinez.
“We look for South American integration, which was Simon
Bolivar’s dream, a negotiation in better conditions that has to do with the
free trade with the United States
and a renegotiation of the external debt.”
He answered when questioned about Humala’s visit to Venezuela.
“Humala received that support of the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and also
of the Bolivian Evo Morales, show s a good margin of operation, and as the Peruvian
leader. The fact that he had been invited and was in the first row puts our
candidate in a special category. Many others would have wanted to receive the
same support”.
“The militants are the ones that at the end will define the
nomination in a democratic act that will be like our congress party. There is
also a proposal of changing our name to “Uniting Peru Nationalist Party” and
there is also a chance of adopting the symbol of a puma, the pot of mud and the
rock of 12 angles” detailed Martinez.
The secretary general of the Nationalist party of Peru (Partido
Nactionalista del Peru (PNP)) Francisco Rojas coincided with Martinez in
indicating nationalist were evaluating a national and international tour of
Humala. In Peru
it would start next week and to the exterior it would be to La Habana, Cuba.
“Currently the itinerary isn’t fixed, but it would make me
happy if he were invited by Fidel Castro to Cuba.
Ollanta would enjoy it immensely just as he did in Venezuela”
Martinez commented, who confirmed these
travels are realized with help from the militants of the UPP and PNP. He
commente that Humala would state if any money was covered by the government of
Chavez, but assured that Humala had been invited.
In respect to the vice general of the Fondos Partidarios de
la Oficina Nacionales de Procesos Electorales (ONPE), Augusto Bravo, warned
that the parties who receive financial help from foreign governments for their
electoral campaign will be sanctioned up to 50 times the amount of the received