Ace Home Center and Ripley to open new stores in Peru’s provinces

Isabel Guerra

The Northern region of Lambayeque has drawn the investors’ interest, especially among those related to the construction sector, and many projects are being developed for this regions.

As a result, big stores like Ace Home Center and Ripley are opening soon in Chiclayo, Lambayeque’s capital city.

According to Jorge Incháustegui Samamé, Manager of Urbanism for the Municipality of Chiclayo, the works will start in a few days, in the sector of Patazca, and the Municipality will provide all the necessary help “because we believe that private investment is the key to create jobs and to dynamize the regional economy.”

He also said that Ripley is building a new store at the heart of the city –at the place where the old Royal Hotel was located before– and these works are supposed to be finished by December.

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