AH1N1 influenza death toll in Peru reaches 80

Isabel Guerra

Peru’s Health Ministry (Minsa) has just confirmed another 18 deaths related to the AH1N1 influenza virus, which rises the total death toll to a grand total of 80.

According to a Minsa’s press release, 6 of the casualties took place in Lima, 1 in La Libertad, 2 in Tacna, 3 in Moquegua, 1 in Piura, 2 in Arequipa, 1 in Ayacucho and 2 in Lambayeque.

Peru’s Health Authorities reported that 487 more new cases were confirmed between August 17th and 23rd, which increases the total of cases to 6,608, from which 6,121 have been discharged.

According to the World Organization of Health (WHO), the confirmed cases around the world are 236,000 at present, with 2,440 casualties.

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