Lourdes Flores presents her plans for the government


The Unidad Nacional (UN) alliance, are ready for the elections
of the April.
Yesterday, they signed in the Jurado Especial Electoral (JEE (the
special electoral judge)) the presidential campaign of Lourdes Flores and the
vice presidency of Auturo Woodman and Luis Carpio. They also gave the government plan titled: Peru
in Firm Hands.
Lourdes Flores Nano detailed that the plan consists of 6 main
changes her goverment will focus on. In first place is the fight against poverty
and the malnutrition of children through social programs. The second is the implementation
of a free insurance policies for the less fortunate. In third place is quality
public education. Fourthly, augmentation of more formal work. Fifth, ZERO tolerance
against criminals, “In my government there will be no zones for mafias, narco-terrorists,
terrorists, or corrupt men of shirt and tie” said Lourdes Flores.
Lastly, the sixth goal they wish to accomplish is the
conversion of Peru
in to a leader country in the south of the Pacific.