Peru: Air Force Park opens in Callao

Katrina Heimark

As a tribute to the men and women who have defended Peru from the air, a park in honor of the Air Force opened on July 21st in Callao. The park is 6,500 meters squared and is located at the block number 35 of Av. Elmer Faucett. The park presents various planes, radar exhibitions, mannequins that depict pilots and a paratrooper. It is basically a huge outdoor museum, with larger than life exhibits. Not only will the park help school children understand more of Peruvian history, the site hopes to eventually convert itself into a tourist attraction for foreigners, as well as Peruvians from provinces that decide to visit Lima. The site will surely be a delight for young and old alike, with many pictures to be taken, and many things to touch, see and experience.