Lima Wastes Water


Katrina Heimark

The capital of Peru loses 2.25 million meters squared of water every month due to inefficient practices. This amount is equal to the total amount of water consumed by the entire population of Comas each month. According to El Comercio, the “Ministerio de Vivienda” and Sedapal have launched a campaign to convince Limeños to save more water. Both organizations are asking for a half a million homes to change their old toilets and sinks for ones that are modern and water-saving.

In order to achieve this goal, Guillermo León Suematsu, vice-minister of Vivanda, explained that families can receive financing for the purchase of new equipment and installation fees from the company Sedepal. They will, in turn, charge the amount financed to the monthly bill, over the period of 36 months.

“We estimate that there are more than 800,000 homes in Lima and Callao that have obsolete equipment. We hope that, over the period of three years, that at least a half million families will use sinks and toilets that help save water,” stated Suematsu.

The average amount of water used by a family in Lima is approximately 250 liters a day, out of which, only 151 are estimated to be used. The rest is lost, for example, in the filling of a toilet that uses 12 liters of fluid, or by letting water run in sinks or showers. The toilets that Sedapal is marketing are those that have a capacity for only six liters of water, and the showers and sinks they promote have automatic systems that prevent wasting of water.

Jorge Bargo, general manager of Sedapal, stated that if a family decided to use one of their products, they would be able to save at least 30 percent of their monthly water use. And this would mean a significant reduction in a family’s monthly water bill as well. Which, as Bargo states, could be used to “pay the loan they would need to acquire these products.”

Those who do not need the loan from Sedapal can acquire the equipment in construction or hardware stores. Those with water saving apparatus will be marked by Sedapal’s logo.

More information
How to obtain the water-saving products:
Call Aquafono 317-8000 or visit a Sedapal Service Center to ask for diagnostics of your home (costs S/. 10)

A company directed by Sedapal can diagnose your home. They will in turn indicate which equipment needs to be changed.

Once you have obtained the results, you can decide if you would like to purchase the water-saving equipment, with or without financing from Sedapal.

Sedapal will pay for the purchase of the equipment, and the amount, as well as interest, will be included on your monthly bill.