Peru’s Pomalca will export 10,000 tonnes of sugar to US

Isabel Guerra

Reportedly, Pomalca, a traditional sugar producer in Peru, will export 10,000 tonnes of sugar to the United States, thanks to the notable production increase that the company has been experiencing since 2005.

Edwin Oviedo Pichotito, Pomalca’s current Manager, explains that this means an income of US$5 millions, which will improve the worker’s living conditions and to continue improving the company.

He also says that “we are now enjoying the results of the improvement processes we started in 2005, such as investments in the fields, improving of the machinery and very especially paying social benefits to our workers. They have collaborated 100% to overcome the world financial crisis.”

According to Oviedo, Pomalca produces 150,000 bags of sugar per year, and 15% of this production will be exported, while the other 85% will be destined to the domestic market.

The President of Lambayeque’s Chamber of Commerce, Jorge Vera Orrego, says that this transaction “is very positive” since “it draws the market’s attention on Lambayeque again, something that wasn’t happening since the 70’s.”

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