Peru’s Camu Camu exports reached US $419,164 dollars

Isabel Guerra

Peru’s exports of the local jungle fruit known as “camu camu” reached US $419,164 dollars, in shipments to 13 countries during the first half of 2009, reported the Association of Exporters (Adex).

The main importer of Peruvian camu camu is Japan, (US $238,709 dollars) followed by the US (US $137,346 dólares), Canada (US $16,266 dollars) and Australia (US $10,319 dollars).

Another destinations for Peruvian Camu Camu are the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy and Portugal, among others.

The main exporters in Peru are Agroindustrial del Perú, J. Locher, Agrícola San Juan de la Amazonía, Peruvian Heritage, Ecoandino, Inversiones 2A, Herbs América, Cabex, Yamano del Perú, Huert´s Natura and Amazon Herb.

Amazon Herb’s General Manager, Martín Corisapra, remarked that camu camu has a great potential for exports, not only for direct human consumption but also as a key ingredient for cosmetic products.

Amazon Herb works with organic camu camu in Pucallpa (Ucayali), where they have a project that works directly with native communities.

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