Peru: Archibishopric of Lima opens email account for Saint Rose

Isabel Guerra

In order to allow all Saint Rose of Lima devotees to express their traditional salutations to the Patroness of Lima and Peru on August 30th, the Archibishopric of Lima has opened an email account for delivering these messages.

Now the people that for any reason can’t come to the "Well of the Wishes" (which is the same well that Saint Rose used in her daily life) have the chance to write their letter and send them to the email grupo_santarosa@hotmail.com.

The Archibishopric spokespersons said that these emails will be thrown inside the well, along with the other letters.

Traditionally, every August 30th thousands of devotees gather at Saint Rose’s sanctuary to visit the her “Well of the Wishes” and throw their letters inside; the letters can contain either prayers, salutations, expressions of gratitude and even requests for special favours.

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