UN and Survival ask Peru’s government to “stop carving up the Amazon”

Isabel Guerra

Stephen Corry, NGO Survival Director, has asked the Peruvian government to stop granting oil and gas drilling concessions in Amazonian territories “without resident peoples’ informed consent,” according to a press release issued a few hours ago.

The formal petition, backed another NGOs, was made in a statement by the UN’s Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), published on Monday.

This would mean that no drilling could take place in rainforest inhabited by uncontacted Indians (provided Peru listens to UN’s call), since they are unable to give their consent.

The Committee expresses its concerns about the ‘serious tensions in the country, which have even triggered violence, and has been generated by the exploitation of the sub-soil resources traditionally belonging to indigenous peoples.’

The CERD also urged Peru’s government to create an independent commission (including indigenous representation), to carry out an objective investigation on the events that took place in Bagua last June, in which more than thirty policemen and civilians died.

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