Asparagus resist floods


Asparagus is expected to quickly recover from the Niño effects. What is the industry situation in the upcoming days?

El niño weather phenomenon has left many crops damaged. Further, the northern regions of Peru where Asparagus is farmed had severe infrastructure losses. Asparagus growers have struggled to ship their production abroad, as it is hard to get the production to Lima when bridges and roads have been over flooded.

Due to the weather conditions, the quality of next season’s asparagus production in Peru is uncertain and results will be seen within the coming 45 to 85 days.

Besides, the Niño effect, Peruvian asparagus is very well established in the market, there are many big asparagus consumers abroad that mainly rely on the crops from the north of the country. According to Robert Schueller, director of public relations for World Variety Produce- Melissa most of his company's asparagus comes from Peru. It distributes green, purple and white asparagus to higher-end retailers.

Peru's asparagus demand continues to be high. It is also very popular among restaurants. Schueller said chefs have been exploring more the different types of asparagus and consumers are highly interested in cooking asparagus dishes.