Chew-paca: The famous Peruvian Alpaca (VIDEO)


The cute Alpaca is enjoying its life strolling along the Australian beaches. Have a look! When you picture an Alpaca you image it living in the Andes of Peru, however, Chew-paca is an animal like no other. She is a pet living in Adelaide, Australia. She was given to Matt, a 13-year-old boy, as a birthday present and now they have both become local celebrities and do everything together.

Chew-paca is treated like a domestic pet; the Andean animal is being driven around in the back seat of the car and takes night walks. Unlike any Alpaca, during family trips to the beach, Chew-paca enjoys diving into the surf and rolling around in the sand.

The adorable animal likes to chew everything in sight, including chairs, tables, and towels. Now we understand why the family called her Chew-paca.

Her story has been very popular in Australia and now it is an internet sensation. The three-year-old Alpaca has more than 24 thousand followers on Instagram. Check out the latest post about Chew-paca 0