Experts consider building Wari archaeological museum in Ayacucho, Peru


Tourism and cultural authorities are looking to create a new museum about the Wari archaeological site in the city of Ayacucho. is a land of archaeological wonders and home to a number of excellent museums. Now, cultural and tourism authorities are evaluating the possibility of opening another museum in Ayacucho that would educate visitors about the nearby Wari archaeological complex.

Andina news agency reports that experts are researching the viability of the potential museum, which would store pieces from throughout the Wari empire. According to Andina, members of the Ayacucho Regional Culture Board were accompanied by experts from Lima’s Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru on an information-gathering and analysis to the Wari archaeological complex near Ayacucho.

Work at the Wari complex has been underway since 2013 and represents an investment of around S/. 10 million.

“Just like the archaeological sites that make up the Moche route, the regional government is betting on the creation of this new museum that would house the entire history of the Wari, and would bring development for our región as well as put value on our identity,” said Juan Carlos Arango of the Ayacucho regional tourism and exterior commerce board.

Andina reports that the experts’ trip was made with the goal of collecting enough information to put together a work plan and evaluate the viability of such a project.

The Wari were a pre-Inca people who lived in Peru from approximately 500 – 1000 AD.