Experts in Peru evaluate confiscated archaeological artifacts


30 pieces will be examined by specialists to determine their authenticity, age, and origin. A month after confiscating a number of archaeological and historical artifacts in northern Peru, authorities have begun the process of evaluating the objects to determine their authenticity, among other things.

The pieces were confiscated from 50-year-old Justiniano Diaz Delgado, a resident of Saltur in Lambayeque. Andina news agency reports that Diaz had amassed a collection of more than 30 pieces, including ceramic objects, skulls, and spear tips.

Andina reports that the seizure of the objects took place after evidence collected during intelligence investigations in Lambayeque indicated that the artifacts were located in Diaz’s house.

According to Andina, experts believe that some of the artifacts were created by members of the Chimu, Lambayeque, and Moche cultures. The artifacts were recently moved from police facilities to the Disconcentrated Culture Directorate of Lambayeque, where they will be examined by a team of archaeological specialists.