Fracking: From Peru to the UK?


A shipment of fracked shale gas coming from the Peruvian Amazon is set to arrive in the UK. How do you see this situation?

BBC news reports that a tanker transporting a controversial cargo of gas from the Peruvian Amazon is arriving in the UK. This shipment is thought to be the first lot from the Camisea project that is due to arrive in the UK. The final destination of tanker Gallina, owned by Shell, is the Isle of Grain in Kent.

What is the Camisea project? It is Peru's largest and most notorious energy project. It extracts and transports natural gas originating near the Urubamba River in central Peru, the San Martí­n Reservoir. Even though it is a big economic project, it has many environmental implications and negative consequences on the rural communities nearby.

The Camisea shipment due to arrive in the UK has caused controversial arguments in the English media. Supporters of fracking say that the UK should frack its own gas, instead of importing it from the Amazon while opponents of fracking say the practice creates irreversible environmental damages.

Nick Grealy, a shale gas proponent even told BBC news that the fact that the UK is getting gas from the Amazon makes this a horrendous crime to the environment and leaves everybody highly concerned.

Similar comments were given by the organization Friends of the Earth who questioned the fracking practices, 'œwe think we should leave our gas in the ground and Peru should leave its gas in the ground'.

Strong opinions were voiced regarding this matter, however, the importing company, Schell, decided not to give further comments on the Camisea shipment.