Hass Avocados to conquer foreign markets


As avocado demand continues to grow, farmers launch more varieties to the market. What is new in the avocado industry?

Hass Avocado producers in the highlands (sierra) of Peru seek to triple the country's exports in the next coming years. They consider Europe to be a great market for them because avocados are highly consumed there. Avocado is already well-positioned in some European markets such as the Netherlands and the UK.

Peru's greater production of avocado comes from the coastal areas, but farmers from the highlands are boosting Hass Avocado.

Vicent Zegarra, head of the National Hass Avocado program, said to Fresh Plaza that the region has 3,000 hectares at the moment and is projected to have 17,000 hectares in the next few years.

The Hass variety intends to become Peru's favourite type of avocado. Producers claim that Hass Avocado's consistency is better than other avocado varieties. “Hass Avocados from the sierra are much creamier with a slightly less grainy skin than on the coast”.

Producers of Hass Avocado are having good results. Last year, exports in the region were approximately 24,0000 metric tons; such figures are expected to grow to 30,000 next year. In addition, this type of avocado accounts for 12% of total avocado exports from Peru; within five years producers expect to manage 30% of the total shipments.

What is your favourite avocado variety?



Ana Gamero