Higher-quality education for Urubamba students

More than 200 young Peruvians from 11 ethnicities of Bajo Urubamba are able to access the educational programs sponsored by Pluspetrol.

An educational program called Programa Integral de Educación (PIE) offers scholarships to young people that live near the Camisea project and its operations in the area. The contribution of Pluspetrol, operator of the Bajo Urubamba project, is estimated to be S/ 3 million, which will be used to better university students’ profiles and focus on high school students.

The program is divided into three different scholarships:

Becas Nopoki, a scholarship that awards full tuition fee waivers to outstanding students who are part of the Universidad Católica Sedes Sapientiae and the ones who have demonstrated interest in Agricultural Engineering, Management, or any Basic Bilingual Education. The lessons in the program are given to the students in their native language including Matiguenka, Yine and Ashaninka.

Another successful program is, Programa 100, which is targeted towards students who are in the last two years of high school (fourth and fifth grades). Programa 100’s curriculum focuses on enhancing mathematical reasoning skills and reading skills. Each year, around 75 students have strengthened those skills.

Becas Pre-Universitarias supports high school students in their final year and find themselves in the transition from school to university. It takes students beyond the classroom and prepares them to get into the UCSS.

The scholarships mentioned above were created to provide students the necessary skills to succeed in university. These educational programs have made it possible for 90% of the participants to gain access to formal schooling and a higher-quality education.

For more information on Pluspetrol’s work, visit their website: Pluspetrol