Lambayeque in state of emergency due to extreme weather


Weather conditions are well out of control in northern Peru’s coastal and highland regions, causing homes to collapse and putting many more at risk.

Just days after local fisherman in Lambayeque reported an unnatural number of washed up marine life carcasses, a 10-hour marathon of heavy rainfall has left districts in the northwestern region unrecognizable and, in some cases, uninhabitable.

Local government has declared a State of Emergency due the to heavy rainfall that has affected over 2,400 residents. Chiclayo, the capital of Lambayeque, has seen some of the most brutal consequences with a majority of the streets and main avenues flooded over.

“We’re going to lend support with this emergency, bringing fuel and more pumps,” said President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK), during a visit to the northern city yesterday.

An Ecuadorian living in the district of Roque (Chiclayo) suffered a fatal electrocution due to the instability of his home, while an elderly resident in Pueblo Joven Buenos Aires died when a wall of his home crumbled on top of him. Districts throughout Chiclayo have since cut electricity as a preventative measure.

The national weather service (SENAMHI) had predicted that heavy rains and thunderstorms would greatly effect northern areas of Peru, including Cajamarca, Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque and La Libertad. And these last few days have certainly proved them right.

Piura and La Libertad, north and south of Lambayeque respectively, are seeing the unfortunate affects of harsh weather conditions. Hundreds of homes have collapsed in Paita, Piura, while La Libertad has seen floods creep into homes in some of the poorest areas and block roads.

Meanwhile, highland regions such as Ancash and Cajamarca continue to experience torrential rainfall, putting not only home but valuable farms and crops at risk.



A U.S. native plucked from the green surroundings of her home state of Oregon, Agnes Rivera has been living in Lima, Peru, fulfilling various occupations such as teaching, translating, and journalism. While indoors she uses her time creatively to build "recycled art" and read fiction, she is quick to use any excuse to be outdoors, balancing her inner home-body lifestyle with an adventurous spirit to explore all that Peru has to offer.