Littering a serious problem at Peru’s Chan Chan complex


Important archaeological site threatened by people dropping garbage in restricted areas.Authorities in La Libertad have made an unfortunate discovery near the Chan Chan archaeological complex. According to Peru21, officials in charge of the site have found out that local people are leaving large amounts of garbage in and around the site.

Peru21 reports that authorities spotted two different trucks coming and going from the site, where they then dumped garbage. However, with the help of employees at Chan Chan and security cameras, they’ve been able to take steps towards bringing the polluting culprits to justice.

“We’ve been able to capture footage of vehicles arriving constantly in the zone, and piling up garbage. With the help of cameras and watchmen that take care of the exteriors of the complex, we were able to get the license plate numbers of the trucks and make a report to the Ministerio Público,” Teresita Bravo told press

Director of the Chan Chan Archaeological Complex Henry Gayoso told Peru21 that they’ve already disposed of 10 tons of waste from around the outskirts of the site this month, but that there remains a large amount of garbage on the site.

Chan Chan is a World Heritage Site and is protected by UNESCO, but it’s considered a vulnerable site.