New Immigration Law In Process of Full Implementation

(Photo: El Comercio)
Law seeks to attract talent and investment but it may have its flaws…

Whether you are a resident, returning visitor, or prospective investor in Peru, you may be surprised at the scope of the immigration reform that is underway.

Since the new immigration law took effect in early March of this year, the Migrations department of the Peruvian Government has been occupied with the intricate process of implementation of the long overdue reforms that the law dictates. The aim of this reform, as stated by El Comercio, is to facilitate the entrance of highly qualified personnel, investors, and volunteers from other countries into Peru in order to contribute to the country’s development.

Bloomberg of National Affairs (BNA) reports that the law’s major reforms include a guarantee that foreigners working or living in Peru will have access to the same health, labor, and education rights and conditions as Peruvian nationals.

The same source reports an important point that may cause difficulties for some prospective visitors and residents. Immigration lawyer Norma Lopez acknowledges that while the law includes the concept of reciprocity, in other words, imposing the same requirements as the foreigner’s country imposes on Peruvians for a particular visa, it does not require that the reciprocity be ‘



Mike Dreckschmidt

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