New section of Inca road discovered in Arequipa, Peru


22 kilometers of previously unknown road have been uncovered in the Arequipa province of Caraveli. Archaeologists investigation the Inca road system have discovered a previously forgotten section along the coast in the Arequipa province of Caraveli.

According to Peru21, the discovery of the road section was spurred, in part, by a puzzling historical question. Some of the first accounts of life in Tahuantinsuyo indicated that the ruling Inca ate fresh saltwater fish in Cusco on a regular basis. But, as Cusco was an inland city with no sea in sight, the fish had to be brought to Cusco from the coast. So what route did the imperial fish-deliverers take?

Peru21 reports that the discovery of the road in Caraveli provides a possible answer to that question. According to Peru21, there were around 400 kilometers of road in the Kontisuyo región of the Inca empire, where the modern-day region of Arequipa is located.

Specialist Guido Casaverde told Peru21 that preliminary investigation reveals that the road may have connected the Inca administrative center of Tambo Viejo (in the Acari district) to the Inca site El Tambo, which is located in the Atico district.

The discovery was made through the Qhapaq Ñan project, an ongoing cultural and archaeological project that endeavours to investigate the Inca road system.