Newly discovered artifacts on display at Royal Tombs of Sipan museum


Artifacts discovered during recent digs at the Huaca Santa Rosa are now available for public viewing.Recently unearthed artifacts of thriving pre-Inca cultures which flourished in northern Peru are on display at the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, in the Lambayeque region, it was reported Friday.

The above impressive collection is set to feature more than 60 archaeological items which were discovered at Huaca Santa Rosa site, located in Pucala, a district of the north coastal city of Chiclayo.

This latest temporary exhibition is titled “Santa Rosa de Pucala: intensification of coast-highlands ties in Lambayeque” and it is due to open for visitors at 18:00 local time on Friday.

Walter Alva, the museum’s director, stated these findings have the influence of the Wari period and belong to late Moche and early Lambayeque cultures which converged in the area.

The renowned archaeologist stressed that two years ago in-depth excavations at the site were conducted for a short-time period, with the support of the Naylamp-Lambayeque Executive Unite along with the Pucala sugar company.

“This area yields some of the most complex elite burial and ritual settings from these thriving cultures which proves a great cultural exchange between them,” Alva said in statements to Andina news agency.

There are presence of ancient pre-Columbian cultures in the Santa Rosa archaeological complex, matching in significance the San Jose de Moro site, a ceremonial and funerary complex located in the northern region of La Libertad.