One Bananas helps Peru


Organic bananas are being sent to Peru to refugee centers and reconstruction help too. How much help is Peru receiving?

One Bananas started as Agroamerica in Guatemala and it is expanding to Peru, Ecuador, and Panama. The company has been providing delicious bananas to families in South America for over 25 years.

Peru has been hit by heavy floods and rains during the last few months and has killed more than 100, and leaving 2,500 families displaced. Agricultural companies have been severely affected too, such as One Bananas. One Bananas has operation plants in the northern region of Peru, Piura and it is estimated that 30% of their crops have been damaged due to Peru's floods.

Nonetheless, the agricultural company has shown solidarity with the Peruvian crisis as it is helping flood victims with banana donations. It has reached more than 700 families so far, and it has taken part of the reconstruction of some schools in Piura and help to rebuild for other local growers.