Peru’s giant squid goes international


Peru is seeking to launch the biggest squid fishery certification project in Brussels. How Peru's is expecting to open new markets with this product?

A Peruvian committee is travelling to the Seafood Expo Global in Brussels (25 April-27), to get the sustainability certification of its giant squid fishery.

The Peruvian fishing production of the giant squid is a boom in the sector. Every year, Peru fishes 500-600,000 metric tons of giant squid, which makes Peru's squid fishery accounts for around half of the global production. Other big giant squid catchers are China with 250,000-300,000 tons and Chile, 200,000 metric tons.

Peru's Ministry of production announced that they are making the necessary arrangements to get the certification at the Sea Expo Global says Dario Alvites, president of Perupez to Undercurrent News. This will benefit Peru as it would create a more formal demand system and attract new markets. In order to get the certification, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) will assess around 85%-95% of Peru's giant squid production.

Even though Peru's giant squid production seems like a great income to the Peruvian economy, its production needs to be controlled. The WWF, the Sustainable Fisheries Partnerships and the Ministry of Production have signed an agreement in order to protect this natural resource. In this, way, the Pacific giant squid is recognized a sustainable fishery in Peru which makes it qualified to get the MSC certification.