Peru’s regions in state of emergency (MAP)


Map shows the most affected areas in Peru caused by the recent floods and heavy rainfalls.

The floods in Peru have killed more than 80 people and displaced more than 100, 000 in recent weeks, now including an estimated 240,936 in Piura.

There are 809 provinces in the country that have been affected during the Niño’s intense rains and landslides, reports El Comercio.

Ancash is so far the most affected area as 166 provinces have been declared in a state of emergency. While, Lima counts with 145 including Yauyos and Huarochiri.

According to the National Emergency Operations Centre (COEN), Senamhi’s forecast predicted some heavy rains over the next few hours in San Miguel, San Pablo, Cajamarca and Santa Cruz, provinces of Cajamarca; the same weather conditions are expected in La Libertad including Santiago de Chuco, Julcan and Pallascal.

In addition, storms are also expected in Ancash’s provinces Huaylas, Yungay, Carhuaz, Huaraz, Aija, Recuay, Bolognesi and Huari. Lima will experience moderate to heavy rain in Cajatambo, Huaral, Canta, Huarochirí­ and Yauyos.



Ana Gamero