Peruvian chocolate at Dubai’s exclusive boutique


Cacaosuyo from Peru will be the only chocolate from Latin America at the exclusive Boutique Le Chocolat in Dubai. Have you tried it?

Peru is not only popular for its spectacular archaeological sites and amazing cuisine. This time Peru shines for its exclusive chocolate. Cacaosuyo, the renowned Peruvian brand, is the only one in Latin America to exhibit its products at the exclusive Boutique Le Chocolat in Dubai.

The renowned Peruvian brand Cacaosuyo, expanded its brand internationally. The Peruvian chocolate company has 5 main chocolate lines in the market, Piura Nibs, Cacaosuyo Lakuna, Cacaosuyo Piura Milk, Cacaosuyo Piura Select and Cacaosuyo Quinoa Select. Piura Milk bar contains more than 50% cocoa and it was recognized at the International Chocolate Awards in London for 6 categories including plain original milk bar category in 2015.

Cacaosuyo will now be included in the Boutique Le Chocolate catalog. The exclusive boutique gathers internationally renowned companies and world known chocolatiers.

Le Chocolat Dubai represents world-class and prestigious chocolates from Japan, Belgium, USA, Switzerland, France. Now Peru is part of their list.

The list of premium chocolate brands available at the store include: Boutique Le Chocolat, TA Milano, Amedei, Choc d H, Jean Charles Rochoux, Maison Chaudun, Arnaud Lahrer, Marie Belle, John Kelly, Du Rhone, Hugo and Victor, DeLafée, Aoki, Henri Le Roux, Chapon, Peter Beier, Boissier, Bellanger, Palet D’Or, Guittard, Benoit Nihant, Rococo, Bernachon, Vincent Guerlais, Z Chocolat, Fabrice Gilotte and Roberto Cavalli.

What is your favourite Cacaosuyo chocolate?



Ana Gamero