Peruvian government will work to protect archaeological sites in northern Peru


Recent news of the destruction of a 600-year-old road in northern Peru and serious littering problems at Chan Chan have sparked push to protect archaeological sites. sites are in danger in Peru. From looters who destroy potentially important sites in search of artifacts to companies that demolish ancient structures in order to make way for new developments, Peru’s rich archaeological heritage is at risk.

However, government entities are working hard to protect sites in the northern region of Lambayeque. According to Andina news agency, cultural authorities take an average of 20 actions every month with the intent of protecting archaeological sites.

Alberto Risco Vega of the Lambayeque Culture Board told Andina that he and his team take a variety of actions in order to better protect cultural heritage, saying “We’re approaching it like firefighters, we’re looking to develop more prevention, for example, allying ourselves with the populations, and roll out programs with local populations so that they feel a connection to their cultural heritage, so they can be the ones who help support us, who alert us, who defend their territory and avoid damage to a site.”

According to Andina, there are more than 1,000 archaeological sites in Lambayeque, and only half of those are formally registered. Risco also told the agency that “We’re overwhelmed by our cultural wealth, and we will do whatever we can to protect it.”