UK helping victims by promoting Peru’s cuisine

The Peruvian embassy in the UK is organizing a food fair to help flood victims. What do you think?

Peruvian residents living abroad have joined forces to overcome Peru’s difficult situation caused by el Niño through online donations. In the same way, embassies from Peru around the world have gathered to alleviate the effects of the recent floods and rains in Peru enabling account numbers for donations.

The embassy of Peru in the UK  has created a fundraising event for flood victims that will promote the best of Peruvian cuisine. Organizers invite the public to attend the event on April 21 at the Residence of the Peruvian Embassy in London.

Anyone interested in attending the event can purchase the tickets at Eventbrite for $37 each. All of the money collected will go to Peru’s National Civil Defense Institute, where it will then be distributed to the families affected by the floods.

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